Links of the Month

March 2020

1. Book Recommendations:

  1. Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing - Robert A. Caro

  2. How to make a complete map of every thought you think - Lion Kimbro

  3. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions - Randall Munroe

  4. Minor Feelings: A Reckoning on Race and the Asian Condition

2. Ten Interesting Articles/Research Notes

  1. Was Corporate Profit Growth a Bubble Inflated by "Financial Engineering"? (2014-2020)

  2. The Great Toilet Paper Scare of 1973

  3. Why Don’t We Just Ban Targeted Advertising?

  4. How an Austrian ski resort helped coronavirus spread across Europe

  5. How Uber Flawlessly Manipulates with Numbers in Its Earnings Report

  6. How Will The Coronavirus end?

  7. How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine

  8. The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist

  9. How a Hot $100 Million Home Design Startup Collapsed Overnight

  10. Ventilators 101: What they do and how do they work?

3. Ten Videos

Ten Charts

  1. Why this induced recession will be worse than anything before? (1/2)

  1. Why this induced recession will be worse than anything before? (2/2)

    1. How averages figure mask the potential healthcare crises that lies ahead

      1. States with the highest % of old people

      1. The carnage that lies ahead in debt markets:

      1. Fox news - ‘fair and balanced’

      2. Emerging markets caught in the eye of the storm

        1. Zero Lower Bound. What Zero Lower Bound?

        1. Why Social Distancing is Crucial?

        2. When Black Swans become a bi-annual event..