I just came across this graphic re Zoom that caught my eye: Zoom being worth more than all the seven major airlines today isn’t exactly shocking. As I’ve previously argued, aviation is a terrible industry to invest in during the best of times. These are not-so-good times. So, the…
Last September, the leader of the free world had an important message for everyone. I’ll let the tweet do the talking: What prompts a 73-year old man to…
This will be a long rant so I will break it over a few pieces Part I Anthropologists have long known that when a tribe of people loses the feeling that…
March 2020
TLDR: “Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.”
What Socrates, Feynman, Jeff, Elon and Auren can teach you
February 2020
Inside the scammy world of insurance leads
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